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This is the website for The Oxymoron, Oxford's only magazine.

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Critics on "The Oxymoron":

"The Oxymoron is a sufficiently enjoyable read. Jawohl!"
- Henning Wehn, German Comedy Ambassador

"He quite liked it"
- Rowan Atkinson's PA

- The Deccan Chronicle (Indian regional newspaper)

"This was the stand-out winner. It was clever, well edited, irreverent and most importantly very, very funny. This magazine had all of us pointing out our favourite stories to each other. We relished reading it. It felt underground, it has a great eye for detail. Ultimately through it entertained – and this year more then ever we felt that mattered. What student wouldn’t want to read this?"
-The Guardian Student Media Judging Panel

"[A]ctually quite embarrassing. I'm sure plenty of the students it was aimed at were insulted to read something so complacent and conservative"
- anonymous, Comment Is Free



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